NH Nondiscrimination Law Scheduled for a Vote: CALL YOUR REPS NOW

This just in from Freedom New Hampshire:

HB478, #TransBillNH, is the NH nondiscrimination bill which would add gender identity to the list of people who deserve equal treatment under NH law, is COMING UP FOR A VOTE.

HB478 will make it legally clear that trans people have a right to equal treatment under the law. It will simplify the legal landscape for employers and employees, for landlords and tenants, for business owners and customers.

HB478 will receive a vote in the NH House of Representatives late Wednesday, 03-08, or early Thursday, 03-09.

It would be a lot less meaningful to call after that.

So call now.

How to contact your NH legislators.



4 thoughts on “NH Nondiscrimination Law Scheduled for a Vote: CALL YOUR REPS NOW

  1. Grace, Mugs called Polly Campion who said all reps from upper Valley on board but CRUCIAL to call reps from other areas of NH who know no trans people and are buying in to the bathroom myths



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    • Phil, did Polly give specific names? One of the oddities of the New Hampshire House is that it’s huge, which makes lobbying difficult (which is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the circumstances). I would be happy to reach out to anyone who seems inclined to vote against HB478 out of ignorance or lack of experience with trans people. I’m already having coffee with one local rep, and I can easily add to the list. Sometimes what people need is to see a trans person who fits their definition of normal.



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