Discrimination: Now Available With Consequences

So, in the previous post, I suggested that anti-LGBT forces might think twice about enacting bills like the infamous HB 2, which probably made the difference in the gubernatorial election in North Carolina.

According to Rewire, it looks like I was right.

“North Carolina’s governor was just voted out of office because of his support for a discriminatory law that took an immediate and devastating toll on his state’s economy,” McTighe said. “It’s not surprising that business leaders and elected officials from across Texas are sounding some early alarm bells over Dan Patrick’s fixation on similar legislation.”

What’s this world coming to? When it became socially unacceptable to attack LGB people, we still had T people to slap around, but now it’s getting so that when you discriminate openly against them, there are sometimes consequences!

Ah, well. There’s still covert discrimination. We’ll always have that.


But seriously, a big, heartfelt “thank you” to all the cis allies who made that happen. Trans people are not exactly an economic powerhouse, but cis people who cared about targeted discrimination made all the difference in North Carolina, and that difference is now rippling.



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